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mc TV & Filmproduction

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About mc TV & Filmproduction

In today’s world audiovisual media is perhaps the most common medium of communication. When used correctly, it is a powerful tool and mc’s in-house production company mc TV and Film Production GmbH has fully absorbed this. Guaranteeing a full range of services and individual solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, we produce professional corporate and PR videos, TV and cinema commercials, advertorials, video news releases and TV shows, which work both globally and locally.

International Broadcasting

Our expert editorial services are supported by a global network of professional TV reporters, ensuring in-depth research and reporting. As well as that, our international broadcasting unit includes an in-house creative department that specialises on everything related to advertising products. Additionally, mc’s global infrastructure means that international projects are coordinated by experienced staff within each relevant country.

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Areas of expertise


PR and information videos: concepts, planning and production

Production and post-production

Production and editing of TV, cinema and viral commercials

TV shows, TV features and magazine shows: concept, planning and production

Collaboration between broadcasters and clients



mc TV produced the video for the German Centre for Diabetes as a viral marketing tool for the campaign Diabetes  Not merely a question of type!”. The viral-spot grabs the viewers’ attention with the help of creative images. The video highlights preventative measures for diabetes and provides recommendations for healthy eating.
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You’re looking for a job in an international environment, with inspiring projects and a diverse client structure? Take a closer look at mc and discover the only German led global agency network. Represented by more than 80 offices worldwide, mc offers endless opportunities.

To celebrate the agency’s 20th anniversary, here are 10 reasons that make mc a great place to work!


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